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Find the Birds is dedicated to birds & their habitats, and to all the individuals (conservationists, volunteers, donors, guides, naturalists, birders, teachers, etc.) & groups (non-profit organizations, charities, foundations, governments, First Nations, etc.) who have, past & present, worked to protect them.

Thought Generation Society would like to thank Jennifer and Miyako Dhalla and the Saito & Dhalla Families for their support.

Thanks to the Tucson Audubon Society, the American Birding Association, the New Jersey Audubon Society, the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, Birds Canada, Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds, Brian “Fox” Ellis, SCIENCE WORLD – TELUS World of Science, Wild Research, the Stanley Park Ecology Society, Stephen Partington, Environment for the Americas, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada for the getting the word out about the game. Thanks to the other individuals & organizations who have helped this game become a reality.

Find the Birds Production Team:

A.J. Dhalla – Creator, Designer, Director, Writer & Co-Producer

Adam Dhalla – Creator, Artist, Web Designer, Co-Producer, Spokesperson & Researcher

Lydia Assion-Nielsen – Senior Technical Artist/Game Designer/Programmer

Robert Orange – Senior Programmer & Game Designer

Keres Boucher – Senior Animator

Matilda Nguyen – Layout Artist & Game Designer

Skylar Mallais – Game Designer/Programmer

Yianni Ntokolas – Game Designer

Ben Gilbert – Game Designer

Raquel Justiniano  – Bird/Character Designer & Animator

Moomin Lee – Character/Bird Designer & Animator

Haley Jae Linnell – Layout/Prop Artist

Tina Liu – Layout/Prop Artist & Marketing Coordinator

Michella Wong – Video/Sound Editor

Brian “Fox” Ellis – Marketing & Education Consultant

Thought Generation Society’s Board of Directors:

A.J. Dhalla – Executive Director

David Green – Director-at-Large

Adam Dhalla – Director-at-Large

Willy Campos – Director-at-Large

Ron Manke – Director-at-Large

Early Prototype Developers:

Dan Yang Yin – Lead Developer

Sen Lin – Assistant Developer


Photos, Videos & Audio Recordings:

For birds and cards in the game, all photos, videos, and audio recordings provided by the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The following is a list of individual photo, video and audio credits obtained through the Macaulay Library.


Gambel’s Quail © Chris Rohrer ML60797571
Gambel’s Quail © Bryan Calk ML107213761
Gambel’s Quail © Bryan Calk ML197015331
Gambel’s Quail © Jason Vassallo ML210295311
White-winged Dove © Dorian Anderson ML72604001
White-winged Dove © Sean Fitzgerald ML107141261
White-winged Dove © Susan Teefy ML171916581
White-winged Dove © Don Danko ML187974501
Greater Roadrunner © Jerry Ting ML98307051
Greater Roadrunner © Fyn Kynd ML198216871
Greater Roadrunner © Tim Avery ML240757041
Greater Roadrunner © Suzie McCann ML257693681
Common Poorwill © Bruce Cyganowski ML24258491
Common Poorwill © Anna Van Kovn ML121766461
Common Poorwill © Mountain West Birding Company ML167316031
Common Poorwill © Laure Wilson Neish ML219566491
Costa’s Hummingbird © Bryan Calk ML108163441
Costa’s Hummingbird © Gordon Karre ML203722371
Costa’s Hummingbird © Christopher Lindsey ML219996111
Costa’s Hummingbird © Tim Avery ML240750631
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Ryan Sanderson ML170539061
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Kojo Baidoo ML170916611
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Max Nootbaar ML172249591
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Marky Mutchler ML260994401
California Condor © Michael Rieser ML27745031
California Condor © Brian Sullivan ML32298541
California Condor © Jeff Culler ML35970611
California Condor © Jay Langford ML38715761
California Condor © Gary Chapin ML61642221
California Condor © Mark Schocken ML65848131
Elf Owl © Tim Avery ML54937711
Elf Owl © Tim Avery ML54937721

Elf Owl © Kyle Blaney ML84348661


Gambel’s Quail © Timothy Barksdale ML448431
Gambel’s Quail © Don  DesJardin ML201786281
White-winged Dove © Timothy Barksdale ML402391
White-winged Dove © Luke Seitz ML477817
White-winged Dove © Oliver  Komar ML228289581
Greater Roadrunner © Timothy Barksdale ML454562
Greater Roadrunner © Josep del Hoyo ML201497721
Greater Roadrunner © Don  DesJardin ML201770951
Greater Roadrunner © Ken Simonite ML201845081
Common Poorwill © Josep del Hoyo ML201459421
Costa’s Hummingbird © Don  DesJardin ML201759941
Costa’s Hummingbird © Don  DesJardin ML201769961
Costa’s Hummingbird © Don  DesJardin ML201773901
Broad-billed Hummingbird (Northern) © Timothy Barksdale ML402905
Broad-billed Hummingbird (Northern) © Larry Arbanas ML466323
California Condor © Don  DesJardin ML197748891
California Condor © Hector Ceballos-Lascurain ML201892431
California Condor © Hector Ceballos-Lascurain ML201892441
California Condor © Bill Hubick ML293447471
Elf Owl © Timothy Barksdale ML448456
Elf Owl © Hervé JACOB ML201607631
Gila Woodpecker © Timothy Barksdale ML402343
Gila Woodpecker © Gregory Griffith ML435724
Gila Woodpecker © Greg Baker ML201805921
Vermilion Flycatcher (Northern) © Benjamin Clock ML483239
Vermilion Flycatcher (Northern) © Timothy Barksdale ML402835
Vermilion Flycatcher (Northern) © Conan Guard ML200857681
Cactus Wren (brunneicapillus Group) © Don  DesJardin ML201770531
Black-throated Sparrow © Don  DesJardin ML201770521
Pyrrhuloxia © Timothy Barksdale ML402486
Pyrrhuloxia © Timothy Barksdale ML402490
Pyrrhuloxia © Timothy Barksdale ML423278
Varied Bunting © Bryan Calk ML240327191
Varied Bunting © José Alberto Lobato García ML294663221

Audio Recordings:

Gambel’s Quail © Geoffrey A. Keller ML118607
Gambel’s Quail © Geoffrey A. Keller ML118617
Gambel’s Quail © Geoffrey A. Keller ML40518
Rock Pigeon © Mike Hearell ML113903231
White-winged Dove © Russ Wigh ML59106201
White-winged Dove © Isaias morataya ML219980231
Greater Roadrunner © Laurens Halsey ML91690141
Greater Roadrunner © Molly Pollock ML92388421
Greater Roadrunner © Andrew Spencer ML227713971
Greater Roadrunner © Andrew Spencer ML256178591
Common Poorwill © Brian Sullivan ML87482791
Common Poorwill © Chris Wood ML105772661
Common Poorwill © Caleb  Helsel ML219800691
Costa’s Hummingbird © Kevin Ebert ML151928911
Costa’s Hummingbird © Scott Olmstead ML203939691
Costa’s Hummingbird © Brian Sullivan ML296587881
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Curtis Marantz ML121949
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Paul Marvin ML173186331
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Isain Contreras ML240692671
Broad-billed Hummingbird © Jay McGowan ML157625291
California Condor © Vincent Gerwe ML163900
Elf Owl © Geoffrey A. Keller ML40636
Elf Owl © Felipe Guerrero ML27453221
Elf Owl © Gerrit Vyn ML140240
Elf Owl © Bob McGuire ML188270
Gila Woodpecker © Arthur A. Allen ML6891
Gila Woodpecker © Fred W. Trumbull ML6892
Gila Woodpecker © William W. H. Gunn ML62771
Vermilion Flycatcher © Geoffrey A. Keller ML40531
Vermilion Flycatcher © Geoffrey A. Keller ML105508
Vermilion Flycatcher © Bob McGuire ML188210
Rock Wren © Andrew Spencer ML43462971
Rock Wren © Geoffrey A. Keller ML56916
Rock Wren © Martha Fischer ML71889
Cactus Wren © Hope Batcheller ML167833
Cactus Wren © James Holmes ML22879871
Black-throated Sparrow © Thomas G. Sander ML111002
Black-throated Sparrow © Ed Pandolfino ML164658
Varied Bunting © Geoffrey A. Keller ML40606
Varied Bunting © Jay McGowan ML32303501
Pyrrhuloxia © Geoffrey A. Keller ML40568
Pyrrhuloxia © Geoffrey A. Keller ML105246
Pyrrhuloxia © Bob McGuire ML188222
Varied Bunting © Ryan O’Donnell ML247329621

The following sound effects .mp3 files used in the game were obtained from Zapsplat 


Note: Some of the above photo, sound/audio & video files may not have made it into the final released version of the game, and/or some may appear in later updates of the game.

Legal Disclaimers – Please Read:

You are playing this game at your own risk and Thought Generation Society does not accept any responsibility for any health issues or injuries encountered as a result of the game, including epilepsy. We do not recommend playing this game while driving, walking or doing any other activity outdoors or any hazardous activity of any kind, as we believe people must focus on one thing at a time, especially when that one thing may involve danger of any kind or risk of injury. Parents & legal guardians must accept all responsibility for their children playing this game. This game is an educational simulation of birdwatching (i.e. birding) and conservation. Actual birdwatching and conservation in the field/wild/nature should be done with adequate hands-on training by experienced adults and conducted with them, as there are of course dangerous situations that could arise.

Any and all financial transactions related to this game are processed by Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device, so any issues with those transactions must be taken up with those entities as Thought Generation Society bears no responsibility for them. All video and other advertisements that appear on the game are handled by Google Ad Mob. Although Thought Generation Society has tried to set controls for content, Google chooses the ads and any issues with them must be taken up with Google. In the end, parents are responsible for their children and their devices.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any living or deceased person(s) or event is coincidental and Thought Generation Society does not accept responsibility for such. No birds or other animals were harmed during the production of this game.

Thought Generation Society is a Canadian incorporated non-profit organization producing this free-to-download educational game for the good of the planet and as such does not have any legal nor financial liability so making financial claims against us or filing legal cases will be pointless. Please put your efforts into fighting those individuals & companies that are damaging our world while they seek profit.

Copyright & Trademark:

Find the Birds and related spin-off projects are the legal property of Thought Generation Society and any use and copying of the concept & images without signed written permission and possibly payment to Thought Generation Society is strictly forbidden by the various laws in Canada, the United States, and  worldwide. Find the Birds is an original project, protected by trademark & copyright:

Registration #s: 1939086 & 1975364

© 2020 Thought Generation Society